Jacket Sizing Information

There are three variables to consider when sizing an Icon Jacket. The first two are the CHest and Sleeve measurements, which are what your jacket size is based on. The third is the jacket fit type, which defines the “cut” of the jacket (Attack, Sport, or Relaxed). Instructions, sizing charts and jacket fit details can be found above.

Chest Measurements

While standing with your arms relaxed on the side, wrap a flexible tape measure around your chest at it’s largest point. The tape measure should go through your armpit and stay parallel with the floor while taking the measurement.

Sleeve Measurements

While standing with your arms relaxed at your side, place one end of a flexible tape measure on your spine at the base of your neck. Measure over the tope of your shoulder, down over the point of your elbow, and finish at the wrist bone.

Glove Sizing Chart