First Aid Training & Kits

First Aid Training/Overhead Cranes Training/Forklift Training

Prexpoint offers training on everything you need, right here in one place, from health and safety management affecting offices, industry, mining, transport, road works, schools, commercial and retail. We offer: First Aid, Basic Fire related programs- Overhead Cranes and Forklifts- Health and Safety Officer- and Risk Assessment training. Accreditation’s from various institutions decorate the walls of our training personnel and ensure that you – the client – receive only the best that there is to.


Basic / Advanced Fire Awareness Training

Offering a Basic (5hr) and and Advanced (2day) course – addressing the types of fires, the management of fires, the use of a fire extinguisher and the chemistry of fire to enable the individual to react appropriately in the event of a fire.

Various Emergency Medical Programmes

Internationally accredited courses aimed at the registered health-care practitioner or the layman looking to equip himself with added skills

First Aid Level 1, 2, & 3

This course is in compliance to the OHS Act No 85 of 1993. Course certification is valid for 3 years from date of issue. Course material is current with 2010 CPR Guidelines

First Aid Kits

A wide variety of First Aid Kits are available.

We also offer specialized kits as per individual request.
Regulation 3 and Regulation 7 kits can be ordered in a steel box, backpack or carry bag.

CPR Manikins & Related Equipment

We offer a complete range of CPR training equipment

  • CPR Manikins
  • AED Trainers
  • Pocket Masks
  • Bag Valve Masks
  • CPR Mouthpieces